Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school science teacher in Maitland wanted to take her students on an end-of-year field trip to the local zoo. She coordinated with the other science teachers, and they had a total of 112 students signed up across all their classes. The school buses didn’t have air conditioning, so they opted to rent charter buses for the day. They got a quote for two 56-passenger buses at $150 per hour each. The total trip time was 10 hours to account for traffic and lunch. With the 10 hour rental and two buses, their total came out to $3,000. They added an 18% tip, bringing the grand total to $3,540. Divided across all 112 students, it came out to only $31.61 per student for a fun and educational field trip with comfortable, reliable transportation. The teacher was thrilled it worked within their field trip budget.

Example #2

A tech startup in Maitland wanted to host an offsite team building event for their employees. They decided to book a day trip to Universal Studios for their 75 person staff. To transport everyone together, they rented a 56 passenger charter bus for the day. The total cost for the 10 hour charter came to $1,650. This included pick up and drop off at their office, as well as waiting at the theme park while they enjoyed the day. With 75 passengers, this worked out to only $22 per person for reliable transportation. The startup also added an 18% gratuity for their exceptional charter bus team, bringing their total to around $1,947. With door to door service, AC, and entertainment like WiFi and power outlets on board, the charter bus provided a comfortable and convenient group trip for their corporate event.

Example #3:

A youth basketball team from Orlando is traveling to Maitland for an away game. The team has 12 players ages 12-14 along with 2 coaches who need transportation. To keep the team together and have room for gear, the coaches decide to book a 20 passenger minibus for the 25 mile trip. They need the minibus for 5 hours to account for traffic and timing before and after the game. At a rate of $150 per hour, their 5 hour rental totals $750. The coaches also choose to add a 10% tip as a thank you for providing timely transportation, bringing their grand total to $825. The cost per player works out to only $68, much less than if parents had to drive separately. The team appreciates having their own minibus with space for equipment and team bonding during the ride.

Example #4:

A local community theater group in Maitland is putting on a production of Rent at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Orlando. Since many of the cast and crew live in Maitland, the director arranges a charter bus to transport everyone to and from the theater for the four night run of the show. She rents a 25 passenger charter bus at a rate of $150 per hour. The bus picks up the group at 5pm in Maitland, drops them off by 6 for a 7pm curtain, and then picks them up after the show at 10pm to return home. At 5 hours round trip each night for 4 nights, the total cost comes to $3,000. With 25 people splitting the cost, it comes out to just $120 per person for reliable transportation to and from the performances. The director tips 10% for providing exceptional service, bringing the total cost to $3,300 for four nights of charter bus service.

Example #5:

A bride and groom are getting married in Maitland, Florida with 125 guests attending their ceremony and reception. They decide to arrange transportation for their wedding party and guests to simplify logistics. The couple rents a 56-passenger charter bus to shuttle the wedding party between the hotel, ceremony, and reception venues. They also rent a smaller 28-passenger bus to provide continuous service for guests parking remotely to be transported to the ceremony and reception. The couple rents the 56-passenger bus for 10 hours at $150 per hour, totaling $1,500. The 28-passenger bus is rented for 12 hours at $120 per hour, totaling $1,440. The combined total for both charter bus rentals is $2,940, making it approximately $24 per person for transportation. The couple tips 10% at the end of the night, adding about $294 to the total cost. Providing charter bus transportation removes the stress of coordinating transportation and allows everyone to relax and enjoy the celebrations.

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